Product data quality in supply chains: the case of Beiersdorf

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A number of business requirements (e.g. compliance with regulatory and legal provisions, diffusion of global standards, supply chain integration) are forcing consumer goods manufacturers to increase their efforts to provide product data (e.g. product identifiers, dimensions) at business-to-business interfaces timely and accurately. The quality of such data is a critical success factor for efficient and effective cross-company collaboration. If compliance relevant data (e.g. dangerous goods indicators) is missing or false, consumer goods manufacturers risk being fined and see their company's image damaged. Or if logistics data (e.g. product dimensions, gross weight) is inaccurate or provided not in time, business with key account trading partners is endangered. To be able to manage the risk of business critical data defects, companies must be able to a) identify such data defects, and b) specify and use metrics that allow to monitor the data's quality. As scientific research on both these issues has come up with only few results so far, this case study explores the process of identifying business critical product data defects at German consumer goods manufacturing company Beiersdorf AG. Despite advanced data quality management structures such defects still occur and can result in complaints, service level impairment and avoidable costs. The case study analyzes product data use and maintenance in Beiersdorf's ecosystem, identifies typical product data defects, and proposes a set of data quality metrics for monitoring those defects.

Authors Hüner, Kai; Schierning, Andreas; Otto, Boris & Österle, Hubert
Research Team CDQ, IWI2
Journal or Publication Title Electronic Markets
Language English
Keywords Corporate Data Quality, Corporate Data Quality Scorecard, Controlling
Subjects information management
HSG Classification not classified
Refereed Yes
Date 1 June 2011
Publisher Springer
Place of Publication Heidelberg
Volume 21
Number 2
Page Range 141-154
Number of Pages 14
ISSN 1019-6781
ISSN-Digital 1422-8890
Publisher DOI 10.1007/s12525-011-0059-x
Depositing User Kai Hüner
Date Deposited 27 May 2011 15:31
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Hüner, Kai; Schierning, Andreas; Otto, Boris & Österle, Hubert (2011) Product data quality in supply chains: the case of Beiersdorf. Electronic Markets, 21 (2). 141-154. ISSN 1019-6781

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