What Should We Know About Politicians' Performance Information Need and Use?

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Abstract The question of legislators' use of performance information is crucial, since - among others purposes - data on outputs and outcomes is meant to inform about the performance of public managers, programs as well as organizations, and ultimately to influence the allocation of financial means. Limited empirical evidence on parliamentarians' performance information behavior provides contradictory findings with respect to the extent to which this new kind of data is used. This paper aims to draw an outline of the insights we have about politicians' information need and use in general. It sets a particular focus on the question of how the use of performance information by politicians could be analyzed more systematically in the future by referring to conceptual treatments of earlier periods or allied disciplines. We show how future research could profit by shifting the focus of analysis from the isolated analysis of performance information to the context-bounded politician and her information needs, by considering the political rationale with respect to the information-decision nexus, and by including possibilities of symbolic or strategic types of performance information utilization. Conceiving politicians as need-driven and goal-oriented information users requires a different definition of what data inform about performance. [http://www1.imp.unisg.ch/org/idt/ipmr.nsf/ IPMR]
Authors Demaj, Labinot & Summermatter, Lukas
Projects Summermatter, Lukas & Demaj, Labinot (2010) Politicians' Information Need and Use (PINU) [fundamental research project]
Journal or Publication Title International Public Management Review
Language English
Keywords Information Needs Information Use, Performance Information, Policy Positions, Politicians
Subjects political science
HSG Classification contribution to scientific community
Refereed Yes
Date 31 October 2012
Publisher International Public Management Network
Place of Publication St. Gallen
Volume 13
Number 2
Page Range 85-111
Number of Pages 27
ISSN 1662-1387
Depositing User Dr. Labinot Demaj
Date Deposited 02 Nov 2012 15:12
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URI: https://www.alexandria.unisg.ch/publications/217687


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Demaj, Labinot & Summermatter, Lukas (2012) What Should We Know About Politicians' Performance Information Need and Use? International Public Management Review, 13 (2). 85-111. ISSN 1662-1387


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