The Enduring Ideological Monism of the Chinese Communist Party

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Abstract In his last article on this blog, Dr Wang Zhengxu examines the coming changes in the CCP Constitution to prove the CCP's "continuous evolution toward a normal, secular, governing party." The current Party Constitution, dated 2002, does not include Hu Jintao's contribution, "the Scientific Outlook on Development," which will be added after "Deng Xiaoping Theory" and Jiang Zemin's "Three Represents." Deng, Jiang, and Hu's formulas could be subsumed under the umbrella term "the System of Theories of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics." Even though the Constitution has been amended several times to make room for new formulas, the primary source of ideological legitimacy of the CCP has remained Marxism. Whenever a new formula or theory is adopted, the CCP takes great pains to stress its adherence to Marxism. Therefore, this revision of the Party Constitution does not entail any intention to allow for a more democratic political system to emerge.
Authors Strafella, Giorgio
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Keywords CCP Marxism Hu Jintao Eighteenth Party Congress
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Date 12 November 2012
Publisher China Policy Institute, The University of Nottingham
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Strafella, Giorgio: The Enduring Ideological Monism of the Chinese Communist Party. [Other]

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