Anticipating intended users - Prospective sensemaking in technology development

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How do developers and designers of a new technology make sense of
intended users? The critical groundwork for user-centred technology development
begins not by involving actual users' exposure to the technological artefact but much earlier, with designers' and developers' vision of future users. Thus, anticipating intended users is critical to technology uptake. We conceptualise the anticipation of intended users as a form of prospective sensemaking in technology development. Employing a narrative analytical approach and drawing on four key communities in the development of Grid computing, we reconstruct how each community anticipated the intended Grid user. Based on our findings, we conceptualise user anticipation in Terms of two key dimensions, namely the intended possibility to inscribe user needs into the technological artefact as well as the intended scope of the application domain. In turn, these dimensions allow us to develop an initial typology of intended user concepts that in turn might provide a key building block towards a generic typology of intended users.

Authors Jacobs, Claus D.; Steyaert, Chris & Ueberbacher, Florian
Projects Jacobs, Claus D.; Ueberbacher, Florian; Kreutzer, Karin; Wolf, Carola; Lehmann, Tim & Floyd, Steven (2012) Seeking Strategic Coherence - Balancing Internal and External Legitimacy in Pluralistic Settings [fundamental research project]
Journal or Publication Title Technology Analysis & Strategic Management
Language English
Keywords social construction of technology, information systems development, user focus, user anticipation, prospective sensemaking, narrative analysis
Subjects business studies
HSG Classification contribution to scientific community
Refereed Yes
Date 1 October 2013
Publisher Amsterdam
Place of Publication Elsevier
Volume 25
Number 9
Page Range 1027-1043
Number of Pages 17
ISSN 0953-7325
ISSN-Digital 1465-3990
Publisher DOI 10.1080/09537325.2013.832749
Depositing User Prof. Ph.D Claus Jacobs
Date Deposited 09 Jan 2013 20:36
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Jacobs, Claus D.; Steyaert, Chris & Ueberbacher, Florian (2013) Anticipating intended users - Prospective sensemaking in technology development. Technology Analysis & Strategic Management, 25 (9). 1027-1043. ISSN 0953-7325

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