More Applicable Environmental Scanning Systems Leveraging "Modern" Information Systems

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With Ansoff's article about weak signals as a flagship example, a substantial body of knowledge about environmental scanning systems exists. However, these concepts often go unused in practice. The 2008/2009 economic crisis provided a strong, ongoing impulse for redesigning such information systems (IS). This article develops six guidelines for the conceptual design of environmental scanning systems that are more applicable than those specified by previous research. We start with literature research, which reveals three gaps in existing approaches. Then we develop design guidelines to fill these gaps with the help of modern IS. To address the lack of sound requirements analysis, our first design principle proposes 360-degree environmental scanning systems for executives and suggests how to select the most important scanning areas. Three further findings cover weaknesses in the IS model perspective, focusing on more effective implications of weak signals. In terms of method, we propose incorporating scanning results more closely into executives' decision-making processes. Applying the design guidelines at a raw materials and engineering company, we arrive at a prototype we call the corporate radar. It includes an IS-based tree with economic value added at risk on top. The resulting lessons learned help to evaluate our findings and the research method presented here, as well provide concrete starting points for future research.

Authors Mayer, Jörg H.; Steinecke, Neon; Quick, Reiner & Weitzel, Timm
Research Team IWI1
Journal or Publication Title Information Systems and e-Business Management
Language English
Subjects information management
HSG Classification not classified
Refereed Yes
Date 1 December 2013
Publisher Springer
Place of Publication Berlin
Volume 11
Number 4
Page Range 507-540
Number of Pages 34
ISSN 1617-9846
Publisher DOI 10.1007/s10257-012-0207-7
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Date Deposited 23 Feb 2013 12:53
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Mayer, Jörg H.; Steinecke, Neon; Quick, Reiner & Weitzel, Timm (2013) More Applicable Environmental Scanning Systems Leveraging "Modern" Information Systems. Information Systems and e-Business Management, 11 (4). 507-540. ISSN 1617-9846

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