Enhancing Research on Training for Cognitive Readiness : Research Issues and Experimental Designs

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In the present article, we aim to provide guidelines on how to conduct research for the enhancement of training for cognitive readiness (CR). After distinguishing between trainable CR skills and stable person-related variables, CR components that are trainable need to be defined in terms of knowledge, skills, and attitudes, and person-related variables need to be selected as prerequisites for training success, as they define the composite construct of CR. Training success in turn needs to include indicators of successful performance in unpredictable environments after training of CR that operationalizes temporal and adaptive transfer. We suggest a basic module for training-of-CR research, which includes a pretest measuring the baseline of the participants' knowledge, skills, and attitudes; person-related variables as control variables; predictors and moderators of CR training success; and two posttests for the assessment of training performance directly after training and following a retention interval for both temporal and adaptive transfer. For further research, we suggest extending the basic module with research on spacing of practice, performance under stress, and individual differences in cognition and personality. This research will enhance the understanding of the interplay between person- and training-related variables that best predicts the prerequisites for establishing and sustaining competent performance in complex and stressful environments.

Authors Kluge, Annette & Burkolter, Dina
Journal or Publication Title Journal of Cognitive Engineering and Decision Making
Language English
Subjects other research area
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Refereed Yes
Date March 2013
Publisher Sage Journals
Place of Publication Thousand Oaks, CA
Volume 7
Number 1
Page Range 96-118
Number of Pages 23
ISSN 1555-3434
Publisher DOI 10.1177/1555343412446483
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Date Deposited 18 Apr 2013 15:50
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Kluge, Annette & Burkolter, Dina (2013) Enhancing Research on Training for Cognitive Readiness : Research Issues and Experimental Designs. Journal of Cognitive Engineering and Decision Making, 7 (1). 96-118. ISSN 1555-3434


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