Students' Attitudes during their First Year at a Business School - Implications for Sustainable Development

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In the face of the economic and financial crisis, business education has become confronted with the question whether it is (partly) responsible for the misconduct of managers and whether business schools only attract students with certain predispositions. While such statements feed media headlines, they lack solid investigations and empirical evidence. To our knowledge, there is hardly any empirical research on the characteristics of business school students. In our view, it is critical for the future development of business school to understand students' current perceptions of, and attitudes towards, studying at a business school.
In a longitudinal study, we assessed business school students' attitude and motivation and their development over the first year of their studies. Among others, we addressed student attitudes towards the issue of Sustainable Development.
As a result of our study, the often encountered negative image of business school students cannot be confirmed. Instead it seems advisable to take a closer look at our students at business schools. Indeed, the decline of certain perceptions and attitudes over the course of the students' first year is worth of consideration. Especially, the decline of students' attitude towards sustainable development is rather remarkable. As a practical implication of our study, a stronger focus on the sustainable development (SD) of business can be identified as one possible area for improvement.

Authors Brahm, Taiga & Euler, Dieter
Projects Brahm, Taiga; Euler, Dieter & Jenert, Tobias (2011) Entwicklung von Einstellungen und Motivation der Studierenden im Assessment-Jahr [fundamental research project] Official URL
Language English
Keywords attitude, motivation, students, higher education, business schools, sustainable development
Subjects education
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Refereed Yes
Date 23 May 2013
Publisher EFMD - The Management Development Networkd
Place of Publication BrĂ¼ssel
Page Range 17
Title of Book Purpose, Performance and Impact of Higher Education Institutions and Business Schools
Event Title 2013 EFMD Higher Education Research Conference
Event Location Paris
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Date Deposited 05 Jun 2013 16:21
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Brahm, Taiga & Euler, Dieter: Students' Attitudes during their First Year at a Business School - Implications for Sustainable Development. 2013. - 2013 EFMD Higher Education Research Conference. - Paris.

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