Supply Chain Finance: some conceptual insights

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Abstract While the integration of material and information flows within the supply chain has long been discussed in the science community and tested in practice, it is therefore now that the flow of financial resources is increasingly drawing the centre of attention. Following this new way of understanding logistics and supply chain processes, the task of supply chain managers begins with the financing and capital budgeting decisions of supply chain investments and ends only after the payment from the customer is received. The challenges arising with this development bring along a new understanding and role of the supply chain actors as well as their mutual relationships. New inter-functional and inter-organizational tasks at the intersection of finance and logistics open new areas of business for banks as well as financial and logistics service providers. This paper can be understood as a first step enabling executives to gain all impacts lying in the Supply Chain Finance (SCF) approach.
Authors Hofmann, Erik
Editors Lasch, Rainer & Janker, Christian G.
Language German
Keywords Supply Chain Management, Finance, Shareholder Value, Investments
Subjects business studies
HSG Classification contribution to scientific community
Refereed No
Date 2005
Publisher Deutscher Universitätsverlag
Place of Publication Wiesbaden
Page Range 203-214
Number of Pages 12
Title of Book Logistik Management - Innovative Logistikkonzepte
ISBN 978-3-8350-0155-8
Depositing User Prof. Dr. Erik Hofmann
Date Deposited 09 Feb 2006 15:57
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Hofmann, Erik: Supply Chain Finance: some conceptual insights. In Lasch, Rainer & Janker, Christian G. (ed.): Logistik Management - Innovative Logistikkonzepte. Wiesbaden : Deutscher Universitätsverlag, 2005, S. 203-214.

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