The Show Must Go On: Ex-Consultants Perpetuating Discourses of Elitism into the Post-Exit Arena

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Many graduates from leading universities and business schools fiercely compete for a position in the so-called gold-collar industry, where prestigious companies such as investment banks, law firms and management consultancies advertise to be an ideal springboard for a promising future career. By taking a critical stance on the control mechanisms prevalent in these industries, and particularly in the context of management consultancies, this paper will draw attention to the discursive regulation of employee identities that is achieved through constructing an image of elite. Given that management consultants on average spend only a couple of years in the consulting business though, it could be argued that a critical concern with control issues in this context is somewhat overrated. Yet, as I will illustrate in this paper, these forms of discursive identity control may be more powerful and enduring than currently acknowledged. By zooming in on the identity constructions of former management consultants who have left the consultancy and started a career in a different work environment, the paper will show that dominant and identity shaping consulting discourses are often perpetuated into the new working context, thereby allowing the effects of discursive identity regulations to stretch far into the post-exit arena.

Authors Hoyer, Patrizia
Projects Hoyer, Patrizia (2009) Careers in Transition - Resistance, Ambiguity and Contextual Resources in the Identity Constructions of Former Management Consultants [dissertation project]
Language English
Subjects social sciences
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Refereed Yes
Date 12 August 2013
Publisher Academy of Management
Place of Publication New York
Title of Book Capitalism in Question
Event Title 73rd Academy of Management Annual Meeting (AOM) 2013 "Capitalism in Question"
Event Location Orlando, FL
Event Dates 09.-13.08.2013
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Date Deposited 07 Nov 2013 16:32
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Hoyer, Patrizia: The Show Must Go On: Ex-Consultants Perpetuating Discourses of Elitism into the Post-Exit Arena. 2013. - 73rd Academy of Management Annual Meeting (AOM) 2013 "Capitalism in Question". - Orlando, FL.

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