Co-Evolution of Legal and Voluntary Standards : Development of Energy Efficiency in Swiss Residential Building Codes

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Abstract Improving the level of energy efficiency required by building codes for refurbishments and new construction is a powerful lever for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This paper explores how technological, social, political, and economic factors interact and shape the evolution of the energy efficiency in building codes. Existing approaches to the evolution of standards focus primarily on adopting individual or multiple technologies or products, but only peripherally explore the feedback dynamics between innovation, diffusion, and standardization (IDS.) To fill this void, I draw on the revelatory case of Switzerland, because the Swiss standards have continuously improved since 1970, whereas in many other countries improvements have stagnated after the recovery from peaks in energy prices. The paper's contribution is, first, a qualitative, structural model which endogenously formalizes the IDS-dynamics of standard improvement. I find that the co-evolution of voluntary and legal building codes have enabled a continuous improvement of the standards even in the absence of economic pressures. And second, I use the model for policy analysis, which indicates that several obvious policies might cause policy resistance and could result in uneconomical, counter-intuitive outcomes. Policy interventions have to dynamically balance the speed of innovation and the ability of system agents to change.
Authors Grösser, Stefan N.
Journal or Publication Title Technological Forecasting and Social Change
Language English
Keywords Co-evolution, innovation diffusion, feedback, causal model, standard, system structure, innovation ecosystem, system dynamics, energy efficiency
Subjects business studies
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Refereed Yes
Date 28 August 2014
Publisher Elsevier Science
Place of Publication Amsterdam
Volume 87
Number 1
Page Range 1-16
Number of Pages 16
ISSN 0040-1625
ISSN-Digital 1873-5509
Publisher DOI
Depositing User Prof. Dr. Stefan N. Grösser
Date Deposited 28 May 2014 11:38
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Grösser, Stefan N. (2014) Co-Evolution of Legal and Voluntary Standards : Development of Energy Efficiency in Swiss Residential Building Codes. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 87 (1). 1-16. ISSN 0040-1625

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