Yang Mama's Thousland Enterprises Ltd and New Venture Management in China

Item Type Case Study
Abstract Ms. Yang Qiu Ping (Yang Mama) was a government official who founded and run Shanghai's Xuhui Software Base (SXSB) for 12 years. SXSB incubated 154 enterprises including big names that went public like Home Inns or Giant Interactive. The experience supporting Chinese entrepreneurs and understanding gaps and obstacles in the system lead her to conceive Thousland in 2011. At Thousland, aspiring entrepreneurs had the chance to access resources such as funding and to build networks (guanxi). The case provides a glimpse into a particular way in which new ventures were being nurtured in China and the government's direct and indirect roles. Thousland illustrates aspects of State Capitalism, such as public-private partnerships applied to high-tech areas and innovation. This contrasts with innovation models elsewhere, such as Silicon Valley. In addition to covering the perspectives of entrepreneurs and the Chinese variety of capitalism, the case also hones on a third level; Yang Mama's personal bet once she had left government and went to the other side to become an entrepreneur herself. Or, as she noted an "entrepreneur of entrepreneurs". Regardless of the support by Shanghai institutions, Thousland had to generate revenue and monetize its new venture management services. The business model was sophisticated, had both online and offline facets and consisted of various components. These included free of charge guidance to funders; investments in promising ventures and deal flow intermediation with VCs; or the development of a network of a dozen high technology parks around China. The case might lead to a variety of discussions. For instance, is the described model an effective way of launching new ventures in China, a growing economy ever more in need of innovation yet still lacking the sophisticated capital markets and other institutions to support high-tech entrepreneurship? Will Yang Mama's business model succeed, spread and become a reference across China or beyond?
Authors Casas Klett, Tomas & Rosenzweig, Phil
Language English
Keywords Doing Business in China, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, High-Tech Parks, State Capitalism, Yang Qiu Ping (Yang Mama), Public-private partnership (PPP), Business Models, Guanxi, Internet, Software, Online Gaming, Shanghai Xuhui Software Base (SXSB), Fudan University
Subjects business studies
HSG Classification contribution to education
Refereed No
Date 2014
Publisher IMD
Place of Publication Lausanne, Switzerland
Number IMD-3-2412
Depositing User Dr. Tomas Casas Klett
Date Deposited 05 Jun 2014 19:36
Last Modified 20 Jul 2022 17:20
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Casas Klett, Tomas & Rosenzweig, Phil: Yang Mama's Thousland Enterprises Ltd and New Venture Management in China. Lausanne, Switzerland : IMD, 2014.


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