Metaorganizational Designs : Managing Inter-Organizational Initiatives

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Metaorganizations, as emerging for instance in the electromobility sector, are sophisticated organizational designs, developed to manage extremely complex tasks. Metaorganizations are, however, fragile architectures. If the diversity of interests cannot be resolved, and if the collaboration cannot be stabilized on a lasting basis, leading to the loss of important actors, then the whole organizational architecture is at risk to collapse. At the same time, Metaorganizations may offer possibilities to its members lying beyond what can be achieved by individual actors - a central factor for their increasing empirical occurrence. Its main attributes are the emergence of solidifying goals, the permeability of its organizational boundaries, a high intensity for coordination and bottom-up integration, the use of resources without their ownership, as well as incentives between the poles of individual and collective welfare.

Authors Hettich, Erwin & Lechner, Christoph
Journal or Publication Title Zeitschrift Führung + Organisation
Language German
Keywords Inter-Organizational Initiatives; Metaorganization;
Subjects business studies
HSG Classification contribution to scientific community
Refereed Yes
Date 4 October 2014
Publisher Schaeffer-Poeschel
Place of Publication Stuttgart
Volume 2014
Number 5
Page Range 333-339
Number of Pages 7
ISSN 0722-7485
Depositing User Prof. Dr. Erwin Hettich
Date Deposited 27 Jun 2014 14:19
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Hettich, Erwin & Lechner, Christoph (2014) Metaorganizational Designs : Managing Inter-Organizational Initiatives. Zeitschrift Führung + Organisation, 2014 (5). 333-339. ISSN 0722-7485

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