Informationsansprüche des Erben - die Kunst, Einfaches kompliziert zu machen

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Abstract The following attempts to get to the heart of the matter concerning the right of the heir to get information from other heirs or third parties, which in recent years has got out of control. Behind the specific questions involved, the general issue is raised as to the apparently unstoppable increase in complexity. In the legal field, as elsewhere, today there is much more written on the subject than just two or three decades ago, and as a result, the individual articles lose sight of the whole picture. All the hard work that is invested into the science is in danger of counter-productivity. Instead of clarifying aspects of the guidelines the busy bees tend to produce only a confused hum. There is a rampant feeling that there is only one remaining statement that is valid: "Everything is controversial". But this is not at all the case; our law is still based on recognized values and principles. To find those it is necessary to recognize the middle ground between the capricious concentration on the formal aspects and a text-independent "soup" of alleged legal purposes. The difficulty of our topic is the necessity to go quite far in both directions.
Authors Druey, Jean-Nicolas
Journal or Publication Title Successio : Zeitschrift für Erbrecht
Language German
Subjects law
HSG Classification not classified
Refereed Yes
Date 2011
Publisher Schulthess
Place of Publication Zürich
Number 3
Page Range 183-188
Number of Pages 6
ISSN 1662-2650
Depositing User Gian Luca Peng
Date Deposited 19 Nov 2014 14:59
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Druey, Jean-Nicolas (2011) Informationsansprüche des Erben - die Kunst, Einfaches kompliziert zu machen. Successio : Zeitschrift für Erbrecht, (3). 183-188. ISSN 1662-2650

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