Toward Cross-Channel Management : A Comprehensive Guide for Retail Firms

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In the age of cross-channel commerce, successful firms must identify, develop, and
implement the right cross-channel services to attract and satisfy their target customers. This book aims to assist multi-channel players to increase their company's Performance and enhance their overall value proposition by showing how to select the appropriate cross-channel strategy and how to establish synergies between online and offline channels.
. Outstanding holistic management approach
. Only book on the topic that is suitable for both retailers and manufacturers around the world
. Valuable insights for academics and practitioners

Authors Brunner, Felix & Rudolph, Thomas
Language English
Keywords Cross-Channel Management, Retail Firms, Cross-Channel Commerce
Subjects business studies
Institute/School ?? SoM LA / UA ??
IRM - Institute of Retail Management
?? 5749 ??
HSG Classification contribution to practical use / society
Refereed No
Date 2015
Publisher De Gruyter Oldenbourg
Place of Publication Berlin
Page Range 68
ISBN 978-3-11-041698-5
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Date Deposited 25 Nov 2014 15:16
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Brunner, Felix & Rudolph, Thomas: Toward Cross-Channel Management : A Comprehensive Guide for Retail Firms. Berlin : De Gruyter Oldenbourg, 2015, - ISBN 978-3-11-041698-5.

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