Corporate Learning in Times of Digital Transformation: A Conceptual Framework and Service Portfolio for the Learning Function in Banking Organisations

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Abstract Digital transformation is one of the major challenges in all industries. It embraces the realignment of technology and new business models to more effectively engage digital customers at every touchpoint in the costumer experience lifecycle. Therefore, successful digital transformation begins with an understanding of digital consumer behavior, preferences and choices. It then leads to major consumer-centric changes within the organisation that address these needs. Such a consumer-centric and self-directed client structure has significant consequences for banks. Banks will need to continue existing services, while developing strategies to manage the shift in mix. For that reason, banking organisations are challenged to consider exploration new business fields and not only focus on exploitation anymore. Finally they need to ensure a successful balance between both. This means they have to establish a general development orientation and afford implementing innovations at the same time they focus on efficiency by utilizing and optimizing the existing. Pressure for doing this is definitely there and causes in current dynamic changes in the finance market, new competitors in the branch and little differentiation among offered banking services. Hence, they need to enhance their continuous learning ability, which is an essential precondition for coping with innovations. This paper follows the research question "how can the learning function foster the enhancement of the banking organisation's learning and innovation ability in times of digital transformation?" This is closely linked to the kind of services a learning function needs to enhance or integrate for supporting and designing a learning organization. With the idea underlying enterprise 2.0, social media platforms offer valuable opportunities for doing this. From an educational management perspective, we focus on the design levels of individuals, teams, and organisation in banks. Derived from our theoretical framework we suggest a conceptual model for managing organisational learning for continuous innovation based on four action areas. We examine the appropriateness of this framework in the practice field through eleven case studies in banking organisations. This approach allows a further development of these areas and to develop an understanding of what are current and future starting points for action in banking organisations. Finally, we identify new roles and services of the learning function for supporting the organisations.
Authors Schuchmann, Daniela & Seufert, Sabine
Journal or Publication Title International Journal of Corporate Learning (iJAC)
Language English
Keywords digital transformation, enterprise 2.0, continuous innovation, corporate learning, learning function
Subjects education
HSG Classification contribution to scientific community
Refereed Yes
Date 21 March 2015
Publisher International journal of advanced corporate learning iJAC
Volume 8
Number 1
Page Range 31-39
Number of Pages 9
ISSN 1867-5565
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Date Deposited 21 Mar 2015 20:35
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Schuchmann, Daniela & Seufert, Sabine (2015) Corporate Learning in Times of Digital Transformation: A Conceptual Framework and Service Portfolio for the Learning Function in Banking Organisations. International Journal of Corporate Learning (iJAC), 8 (1). 31-39. ISSN 1867-5565

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