‘‘Why Should We Care about Marriage Equality?' : Political Advocacy as a Part of Corporate Responsibility

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Abstract More and more companies are publicly taking a stand on social and political issues such as gay marriage legislation. This paper argues that this type of engagement, which can be called ‘‘corporate political advocacy,'' raises new conceptual and normative challenges especially for theories of corporate responsibility. Furthermore, it poses practical challenges for managers who are confronted with it. This paper addresses all three challenges: first, it defines and conceptualizes corporate political advocacy and dis- tinguishes it from other forms of corporate political in- volvement. Second, it makes normative sense of corporate advocacy as an element of corporate responsibility. Third, it reflects on the practical implications for managers deal- ing with this issue.
Authors Wettstein, Florian & Baur, Dorothea
Journal or Publication Title Journal of Business Ethics
Language English
Keywords Corporate political advocacy, Corporate responsibility, Political CSR, Lobbying, Marriage equality, Corporate character
Subjects business studies
HSG Classification contribution to scientific community
HSG Profile Area SHSS - Kulturen, Institutionen, Maerkte (KIM)
Refereed Yes
Date 29 March 2015
Publisher Springer
Place of Publication Dordrecht
Number online
Page Range 1-15
Number of Pages 15
ISSN 0167-4544
ISSN-Digital 1573-0697
Publisher DOI https://doi.org/10.1007/s10551-015-2631-3
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Date Deposited 06 Apr 2015 14:14
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Wettstein, Florian & Baur, Dorothea (2015) ‘‘Why Should We Care about Marriage Equality?' : Political Advocacy as a Part of Corporate Responsibility. Journal of Business Ethics, (online). 1-15. ISSN 0167-4544


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