CEWE: Business Model Innovation - When Disruptive Technologies Hit You

Item Type Case Study
Abstract This case documents the history of the photography market, with special focus on the European photography leader CEWE, with a parallel narration on Kodak and Fujifilm, two giants who have written history in the photography market. The case starts with a very brief history of photography itself, with the twofold goal of explaining how CEWE, Kodak and Fujifilm have risen and putting the reader into perspective, since just like a collective amnesia, a surprising portion of students, especially among the younger generation, do not know or remember how photography used to be like before the digital era. Then, the case goes deeper into the early years of CEWE to explain its creation, former business model and historical accounts on how it thrived in its environment until 1996. When digital technology was finally matured well enough to hit the end consumer market, the case simultaneously and chronologically accounts how the three companies have reacted to the market change. While Fujifilm diversified its business and Kodak stubbornly insisted on saving the film photography business, the case describes in detail how CEWE decided to create an entrepreneurial spin-off entirely dedicated for the digital market, then how and when it resolved to reintegrate the spin-off, and how it continuously brought business model innovations. The case concludes with open questions to how CEWE should continue, facing new threats such as smartphones and tablet computers. The teaching notes are supplemented by videos which include answers of the company's CTO (Dr. Reiner Fageth, central figure in the case) to the teaching questions.
Authors Frankenberger, Karolin; Gassmann, Oliver; Sauer, Roman; Lee, Jae Yong & Meister, Christoph
Language English
Keywords Business Model Innovation, Disruptive Technologies, Spin-Off, CEWE
Subjects business studies
HSG Classification contribution to education
HSG Profile Area SoM - Business Innovation
Refereed Yes
Date 2015
Publisher The Case Center
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Date Deposited 29 May 2015 09:42
Last Modified 20 Jul 2022 17:24
URI: https://www.alexandria.unisg.ch/publications/241290


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Frankenberger, Karolin; Gassmann, Oliver; Sauer, Roman; Lee, Jae Yong & Meister, Christoph: CEWE: Business Model Innovation - When Disruptive Technologies Hit You. The Case Center, 2015.


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