The Role of Knowledge Intermediaries in Co-managed Innovation

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Abstract Purpose - The purpose of this paper is to investigate how technological hubs (THs), defined as knowledge intermediaries, can assist companies in creating successful partnerships to develop innovations. Specifically, the authors ask how THs can help firms connect with horizontal networks and how THs can assist firms on finding suppliers and customers from the vertical network with whom to collaborate. By answering these two main questions, the paper sheds light on the important role of THs and its incubators as knowledge intermediaries in innovation co-creation. Design/methodology/approach - The research is founded on a longitudinal case study of an Italian technologic hub, ComoNExT, that aims to improve the competitiveness of its local economy. Specific attention is given to the role of the incubator that was formed as a joint effort in the technology hub. Findings - The authors find that THs can facilitate networking among tenants and among tenants and external actors within the same epistemic network. The TH that the authors studied is characterized by a new business model that is founded on providing value-added services and networking. The TH sustains the networking at different levels: within tenants, with local actors, extra-local and international actors. The authors' analysis suggest that THs become knowledge intermediaries who allow firms to identify innovation parties and transform them into innovation partners and, thus, outline the shift from outsourced innovation to co-managed innovation. Originality/value - The paper shows how knowledge intermediaries facilitate the intermediation between heterogeneous organizations who are located at different network positions and characterized by relational proximity that is the basis for reaching effective innovation. The research depicts how knowledge intermediaries reinforce the drivers of a co-membership network to co-create innovation to improve the strength of a relationship
Authors Cantù, Chiara; Ylimäki, Juho; Sirén, Charlotta & Nickell, David
Journal or Publication Title Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing
Language English
Subjects business studies
HSG Classification contribution to scientific community
Refereed Yes
Date 1 August 2015
Publisher Emerald
Place of Publication Bradford
Volume 30
Number 8
Page Range 951-961
Number of Pages 11
ISSN 0885-8624
ISSN-Digital 2052-1189
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Date Deposited 27 Oct 2015 09:37
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Cantù, Chiara; Ylimäki, Juho; Sirén, Charlotta & Nickell, David (2015) The Role of Knowledge Intermediaries in Co-managed Innovation. Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, 30 (8). 951-961. ISSN 0885-8624

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