Corporate Data Quality : Prerequisite for Successful Business Models

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Abstract Data is the foundation of the digital economy. Industry 4.0 and digital services are producing so far unknown quantities of data and make new business models possible. Under these circumstances, data quality has become the critical factor for success. This book presents a holistic approach for data quality management and presents ten case studies about this issue. It is intended for practitioners dealing with data quality management and data governance as well as for scientists. The book was written at the Competence Center Corporate Data Quality (CC CDQ) in close cooperation between researchers from the University of St. Gallen and Fraunhofer IML as well as many representatives from more than 20 major corporations. The book is available in English and German as Open Access on
Authors Otto, Boris & Österle, Hubert
Research Team CC CDQ
Projects Österle, Hubert; Otto, Boris; Gizanis, Dimitrios; Baghi, Ehsan; Ebner, Verena; Falge, Clarissa; Hüner, Kai; Ofner, Martin; Reichert, Andreas; Schlosser, Simon & Bärenfänger, Rieke (2006) CC Corporate Data Quality (CC CDQ) [applied research project] Official URL
Language English
Keywords data Quality, big data, case studies, data governance
Subjects information management
HSG Classification contribution to practical use / society
HSG Profile Area SoM - Business Innovation
Refereed No
Date 2015
Publisher epubli
Place of Publication Berlin
Page Range 212
Number of Pages 197
ISBN 978-3-7375-7592-8
Depositing User Prof. em. Hubert Österle
Date Deposited 03 Feb 2016 15:43
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Otto, Boris & Österle, Hubert : Corporate Data Quality : Prerequisite for Successful Business Models. Berlin : epubli, 2015, - ISBN 978-3-7375-7592-8.

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