The triple space of the experimental: A conceptual contribution along and beyond H.-J. Rheinberger

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While experimentation is an increasingly popular topic to explore organizational becoming, profound conceptualizations of experimentation are still missing. The paper explores experimentation by drawing up on different conceptual and empirical resources and suggests that experimentation occurs in a triple experimental space. Through reviewing literature on experimentation in Art Research and Science and Technology Studies as well as studying the work of Hans-Jörg Rheinberger, through the use of spatial theory and by analyzing the case of an art enterprise, the paper develops the framework of the triple experimental space and illustrates how the tight interplay between material, mental and affective dimensions is crucial for the experimental articulation of (organizational) novelty. The paper highlights some of the challenges involved in experimentally exploring and articulating difference and sensitizes for its intricate political quality as a subtle process of world-making.

Authors Lüthy, Christina
Language English
Keywords experimentation, (onto-)politics, spatial approach, art enterprise, affect, materiality
Subjects business studies
social sciences
cultural studies
Institute/School OPSY - Research Institute for Organizational Psychology
HSG Classification contribution to scientific community
HSG Profile Area SHSS - Kulturen, Institutionen, Maerkte (KIM)
Date 7 July 2017
Event Title 33rd EGOS Colloquium
Event Location Copenhagen, Denmark
Event Dates 6-8 July 2017
Depositing User Christina Lüthy
Date Deposited 21 Aug 2017 09:07
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Lüthy, Christina: The triple space of the experimental: A conceptual contribution along and beyond H.-J. Rheinberger. 2017. - 33rd EGOS Colloquium. - Copenhagen, Denmark.

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