Communities for Democracy and Free Enterprise: Glocal Action & Incentive Networks

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Abstract Political and economic liberalism is the fabric the current world order is made of. Liberalism has assumed its dominant role after the defeats of fascism and communism. These days, however, democracy and free enterprise are seriously challenged. Many people are increasingly unable or unwilling to follow globalization, while others are keen to maintain its achievements. Existing national and global governance institutions cannot cope with this widening cleavage. Democracy and free enterprise can only be saved by reinventing the governance of globalization. This website sketches the disruptive concept of governing through Glocal Action & Incentive Networks (GAINs). GAINs are inspired by the historic role model of the Hanseatic League. They are flexible, democratic, competitive, and responsive governance collaborations among regions and municipalities. Their goal is to tailor globalization to the needs and capacity of their inhabitants.
Authors Hofmann, Benjamin
Language English
Subjects political science
HSG Classification contribution to practical use / society
Date August 2017
Publisher St.Gallen Symposium
Place of Publication St.Gallen
Official URL
Depositing User Dr. Benjamin Hofmann
Date Deposited 23 Aug 2017 07:15
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Hofmann, Benjamin: Communities for Democracy and Free Enterprise: Glocal Action & Incentive Networks. URL: . St.Gallen Symposium (August 2017).

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