Virtual Killing

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Abstract Debates that revolve around the topic of morality and fiction rarely explicitly treat virtual worlds like, for example, Second Life. The reason for this disregard cannot be that all users of virtual worlds only do the right thing while online—for they sometimes even virtually kill each other. Is it wrong to kill other people in a virtual world? It depends. This essay analyzes on what it depends, why it is that killing people in a virtual world sometimes is wrong, and how different virtual killings are wrong in different ways. I argue that killing people online is wrong if it is an instance of deliberately and non-consensually evoking disagreeable emotions in others. Establishing this conclusion requires substantial conceptual work, as virtual worlds feature new kinds of fictional agency, particular emotional responses to fiction, and unique ways in which the fiction of the virtual world relates to the wrongness of the killing.
Authors Mildenberger, Carl David
Journal or Publication Title Philosophical studies
Language English
Subjects other research area
Date January 2017
Publisher Springer Science + Business Media B.V.
Place of Publication Dordrecht [u.a.] :
Volume 174
Number 1
Page Range 185-203
ISSN 0031-8116
ISSN-Digital 1573-0883
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Depositing User Dr. Dr. Carl David Mildenberger
Date Deposited 20 Sep 2017 12:02
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Mildenberger, Carl David (2017) Virtual Killing. Philosophical studies, 174 (1). 185-203. ISSN 0031-8116

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