Differences in Becoming. Gilbert Simondon and Gilles Deleuze on Individuation

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Abstract For a long time, Gilbert Simondon’s work was known only as either a philosophy restricted to the problem of technology or as an inspirational source for Gilles Deleuze’s philosophy of difference. As Simondon’s thinking is now finally in the process of being recognized in its own right as one of the most original philosophies of the twentieth century, this also entails that some critical work needs to be done to disentangle it from an all too hasty identification with (or even subsumption under) Deleuzian categories. While both Simondon and Deleuze have made crucial contributions towards a theory of differential individuation that significantly diverges from other authors associated with French poststructuralism insofar as they insist on the dynamic and vital dimension of difference, they also differ on crucial points. Whereas Simondon sees the process of becoming as transductive amplification, Deleuze theorizes it as intensifying involution, leading to two notably distinct concepts of difference.
Authors Alloa, Emmanuel & Michalet, Judith
Journal or Publication Title Philosophy Today
Language English
Subjects cultural studies
HSG Classification contribution to scientific community
HSG Profile Area SHSS - Kulturen, Institutionen, Maerkte (KIM)
Date September 2017
Publisher DePaul Univ.
Place of Publication Chicago, Ill.
Volume 61
Number 3
Page Range 475-502
ISSN 0031-8256
ISSN-Digital 2329-8596
Publisher DOI https://doi.org/10.5840/philtoday2017918167
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Alloa, Emmanuel & Michalet, Judith (2017) Differences in Becoming. Gilbert Simondon and Gilles Deleuze on Individuation. Philosophy Today, 61 (3). 475-502. ISSN 0031-8256


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