Economists: moral realists or real moralists? Comment on Fourcade and Brunetti

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Abstract A comparative sociologist who has spent her international career in academia—Marion Fourcade—and a practically minded academic economist with an extended stint in the Swiss government—Aymo Brunetti—offer their views on the role of economists in politics and society. Although Fourcade and Brunetti differ a lot in terms of experience and interest, their insightful and nuanced assessments of economics today are often remarkably similar. Marion Fourcade addresses economists with the Japanese attitude of a 30-degree bow. She modestly calls her views “from below” and she refrains from throwing the gauntlet to the economics profession, as many representatives of social sciences have done in the past. That does not mean she turns a blind eye on some weaknesses of our field. Yet, she portraits problematic issues as interesting aspects of economics. Her text is a pleasure to read because it is an invitation to think about our field, rather than a challenge to a duel.
Authors Bütler, Monika
Journal or Publication Title Swiss Journal of Economics and Statistics
Language English
Subjects economics
HSG Classification contribution to scientific community
Refereed Yes
Date 25 January 2018
Publisher Springer Nature
Place of Publication London
Volume 154
Number 1
Page Range 1-2
Number of Pages 2
ISSN-Digital 2235-6282
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Bütler, Monika (2018) Economists: moral realists or real moralists? Comment on Fourcade and Brunetti. Swiss Journal of Economics and Statistics, 154 (1). 1-2.

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