Deep Roots? Behavioral Inhibition and Behavioral Activation System (BIS/BAS) Sensitivity and Entrepreneurship

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Abstract A growing number of studies suggest a link between disinhibition and entrepreneurship. Separately, psychology literature has theorized and empirically shown that the roots of disinhibition can largely be traced to two psychophysiological systems – the behavioral inhibition system (BIS) and behavioral activation system (BAS). Despite BIS/BAS sensitivity underling constructs linked to venturing (e.g. impulsivity, clinical profiles, personality, motivation), and the existence of validated self-report scales for BIS/BAS operationalization, research has almost entirely yet to examine the connection between BIS/BAS sensitivity and entrepreneurship. We explore whether BIS and BAS sensitivities are related to entrepreneurial action and performance. Two studies are presented, and serve as a basis for further inquiry. Our examination of BIS/BAS (and associated Reinforcement Sensitivity Theory) in entrepreneurship adds to prior research that has largely looked to higher-order constructs. This work further opens and substantiates emerging research in entrepreneurship involving for example impulse-driven action, clinical constructs such as attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, and underlying drivers of individual differences.
Authors Lerner, Daniel; Hatak, Isabella & Rauch, Andreas
Journal or Publication Title Journal of Business Venturing Insights
Language English
Subjects business studies
HSG Classification contribution to scientific community
Refereed Yes
Date June 2018
Publisher Elsevier
Place of Publication Amsterdam [u.a.]
Volume 9
Page Range 107-115
ISSN 2352-6734
Publisher DOI
Depositing User Prof. Dr. Isabella Hatak
Date Deposited 19 Apr 2018 11:50
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Lerner, Daniel; Hatak, Isabella & Rauch, Andreas (2018) Deep Roots? Behavioral Inhibition and Behavioral Activation System (BIS/BAS) Sensitivity and Entrepreneurship. Journal of Business Venturing Insights, 9 107-115. ISSN 2352-6734

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