Unleashing the Potential of Chatbots in Education: A State-Of-The-Art Analysis

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Abstract Chatbots are becoming a ubiquitous trend in many fields such as medicine, product and service industry, and education. Chatbots are computer programs used to conduct auditory or textual conversations. A growing body of evidence suggests that these programs have the potential to change the way students learn and search for information. Especially in large-scale learning scenarios with more than 100 students per lecturer, chatbots are able to solve the problem of individual student support. However, until now, there has been no systematic, structured overview of their use in education. The aim of this paper is therefore to conduct a systematic literature review based on a multi-perspective framework, from which we have derived initial search questions, synthesized past research, and highlighted future research directions. We reviewed titles and abstracts of 1405 articles drawn from management, education, information systems, and psychology literature before examining and individually coding a relevant subset of 80 articles. The results show that chatbots are in the very beginning of entering education. Few studies suggest the potential of chatbots for improving learning processes and outcomes. Nevertheless, past research has revealed that the effectiveness of chatbots in education is complex and depends on a variety of factors. With our literature review, we make two principal contributions: first, we structure and synthesize past research by using an input-process-output framework, and secondly, we use the framework to highlight research gaps for guiding future research in that area.
Authors Winkler, Rainer & Söllner, Matthias
Research Team IWI 6
Journal or Publication Title Academy of Management Annual Meeting (AOM)
Language English
Keywords chatbot, higher education, learning process, technology-mediated learning
Subjects business studies
information management
HSG Classification contribution to practical use / society
Date 2018
Event Title Academy of Management Annual Meeting (AOM)
Event Location Chicago, USA
Depositing User Dr. Mahei Li
Date Deposited 20 Aug 2018 08:59
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Winkler, Rainer & Söllner, Matthias: Unleashing the Potential of Chatbots in Education: A State-Of-The-Art Analysis. 2018. - Academy of Management Annual Meeting (AOM). - Chicago, USA.


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