Seamless learning in higher education: binding together learning experiences in different contexts

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The literature about “Seamless Learning” calls for rethinking and redesigning learning environments, so that learners experience a continuity of learning even when their learning finds place across different contexts. The assumption behind it is that combining learning experiences from different contexts enhances learning, because learning finds place across time, by revisiting knowledge that was gained earlier in a different context, by moving from topic to topic, and managing a range of learning projects, rather than following a single curriculum. In reviewing seamless learning literature, an emphasis seen is on the different settings and contexts in which learning takes place and on the possibilities to link or bridge them. However, the core question remains: “What is, and makes, the difference in the learning process and learning outcomes from one context compared to another?” If a learner changes contexts, he or she has to be equipped with appropriate competencies to link the different knowledge structures, to switch between different skillsets or strategies, to change attitudes or beliefs or at least to be able to cope with the ambiguities of different learning context requirements. In this study, the objective is to analyse the differences between contexts in order to investigate the problem behind seams that hinder continuity of student learning. These differences show the necessary requirements for learners who need to cope with such differences. On the other hand, the differences inform the teachers on the relevant strategic aspects for learning, and thereby enrich the seamless learning designs with a deeper learning perspective.

Authors Gommers, Luci; Dilger, Bernadette & Rapp, Christian
Language English
Subjects education
HSG Classification contribution to scientific community
Date 3 July 2018
Place of Publication Antwerp: JURE
Event Title EARLI JURE
Event Location Antwerp
Event Dates 2.7 - 6.7
Depositing User Luci Gommers
Date Deposited 09 Oct 2018 14:21
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Gommers, Luci; Dilger, Bernadette & Rapp, Christian: Seamless learning in higher education: binding together learning experiences in different contexts. 2018. - EARLI JURE. - Antwerp.

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