Chains in Chains - Impact of Blockchain Technology on Supply Chain Transactions

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Abstract With the emergence of blockchain technology (BCT), numerous practitioners and researchers alike proclaim its drastic impact on supply chains. Until now, the technology has been in its infancy. Studying results from the coming years of adoption will be necessary to experience its full effects. However, research has bypassed grounding its proclamations of BCT in supply chains on empirical studies. By following an abductive research approach, including a literature review and an explorative case study, the authors address this shortcoming. Therefore, the authors apply the transaction cost economics as a theoretical lens to explore the impact of CT on searching and bargaining as well as the monitoring and enforcing of transactions in supply chains. The empirical data reveals that the impact of BCT on transactions is two-sided. On one side, it facilitates the search for transaction partners and enables automation for monitoring and enforcing of transactions. On the other side, it endangers the bargaining power of transaction partners. The paper goes on to outline a research agenda on the impact of BCT on transactions. Subsequent research can contribute to predicting the impact of BCT on the willingness to share information, the number of transaction partners and, consequently, its diffusion and adoption.
Authors Röck, Dominik; Hofmann, Erik & Sternberg, Henrik
Projects Hofmann, Prof. Dr. Erik; Röck, M.Sc. Dominik; Mathauer, M.A. HSG Mathias; Enthoven, M.Sc. ETH Maximilian & Langner, M.Sc. Daniel (2018) SNF: Foundation of distributed ledgers in supply chain management: Theory development, practical applicability and critical reflection [fundamental research project]
Language English
Subjects business studies
HSG Classification contribution to scientific community
HSG Profile Area SoM - Business Innovation
Date September 2018
Event Title 2018 CSCMP Academic Research Symposium
Event Location Nashville, TN, USA
Event Dates 30.09.2018
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Röck, Dominik; Hofmann, Erik & Sternberg, Henrik: Chains in Chains - Impact of Blockchain Technology on Supply Chain Transactions. [Conference or Workshop Item]

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