Business Groups Reconsidered: Beyond Paragons and Parasites

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In this paper, we consider the potential paths of Business Group’s (BGs) evolution. We organize
our analysis around the two dominant perspectives on BGs: institutional voids (IV) and
entrenchment/exploitation (EE). We suggest that the empirical evidence does not entirely support
either perspective, and neither fully predicts what we sometimes observe; namely that BGs not
only persist and thrive, but also sometimes do so as internationally competitive firms. This
indicates that a more contextualized approach is required, and we propose a conceptual
framework that can guide future thinking. In so doing, we take explicit account of two key
factors relevant to the dynamics of BG evolution: the state’s capacity to create market-supporting
institutions and the ability of business groups to adapt to evolving institutions. Our framework
accommodates the possibility of multiple outcomes, including ones consistent with the IV and
EE perspectives, but also ones consistent with the internationalization of BGs, including those
from emerging markets.

Authors Carney, Michael; van Essen, Marc; Estrin, Saul & Shapiro, Daniel
Journal or Publication Title Academy of Management Perspectives
Language English
Subjects business studies
HSG Classification contribution to scientific community
HSG Profile Area Global Center for Entrepreneurship + Innovation
Refereed Yes
Date 2018
Publisher Academy of Management
ISSN 1558-9080
Depositing User Prof. Dr. Marc van Essen
Date Deposited 28 Nov 2018 14:22
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Carney, Michael; van Essen, Marc; Estrin, Saul & Shapiro, Daniel (2018) Business Groups Reconsidered: Beyond Paragons and Parasites. Academy of Management Perspectives, ISSN 1558-9080

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