Geopower: On the states of nature of late capitalism

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Abstract The article argues that environmental planetary discourses have coalesced into the Anthropocene crisis narrative and reformulated the state of nature apparatus of Western political theory. The Anthropocene, as an ecological state of nature of late capitalism, casts light on the logics of geopower, which assembles species thinking, a fascination with nonlife and sovereignty, and the imaginary of extinction and mutation. Geopower shifts governmental technologies from human populations and their ‘milieu’ to nonhuman species, energy flows and ecosystems, from political economy and biopower to Earth science and systems ecology. This configuration of power suggests a shift in the neoliberal agenda and imposes the Earth as a political personage, generating threatening political myths and figures of chaos and sovereignty, such as Gaia, Chthulu and Climate Leviathans.
Authors Luisetti, Federico
Journal or Publication Title European Journal of Social Theory
Language English
Subjects cultural studies
HSG Classification contribution to scientific community
Refereed Yes
Date 2019
Volume 22
Number 3
Page Range 342-363
Publisher DOI
Depositing User Prof. Ph.D Federico Luisetti
Date Deposited 17 Dec 2018 15:47
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Luisetti, Federico (2019) Geopower: On the states of nature of late capitalism. European Journal of Social Theory, 22 (3). 342-363.

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