Inside the Nike Matrix

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This case describes how Nike, a consumer goods company with an ever expanding portfolio and a tremendous brand value, manages the tradeoff between local responsiveness and global integration. In particular, the case highlights Nike's organizational structure that consists of a global matrix organization that is replicated at a regional level for the European market. While this organizational structure allows Nike to respond to local consumer tastes it also ensures that the company benefits from integration advantages such as global marketing and sourcing. Supported by rich quotes from Nike managers on various organizational levels, this case draws a colorful picture of all the challenges involved that come with matrix and regional structures. Will Nike be able to better exploit its competitive advantage by introducing more regional structures in the future? What is the logic behind the Nike's regional structure?

Authors Brenner, Barbara; Schlegelmilch, Bodo & Ambos, Björn
Language English
Subjects business studies
Date 2013
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Brenner, Barbara; Schlegelmilch, Bodo & Ambos, Björn: Inside the Nike Matrix. 2013.

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