The redistribution of the sensible along an art enterprise: Practicing embodied politics for entrepreneuring social change

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More recently, critical scholars have tried to expand the boundaries of entrepreneurship beyond its economic dimension and beyond the predominantly heroic narratives that shape it. Entrepreneuring, they suggest, should be researched as a ‘social change’ activity – or as an act of ‘emancipation’ with ambivalent outcomes. They have highlighted that entrepreneurial projects have a disruptive potential, challenging and transforming social orders in the pursuit of a different future. They have also emphasized the many constraints and resistances that such entrepreneurial endeavors need to negotiate and called for a stronger focus on “entrepreneurship’s engagement in localized, everyday struggles and practices of freedom” (Verduijn, Essers, Dey, & Tedmanson, 2014, p. 101).
In this conference paper, I trace this entrepreneurial struggle through investigating a project of a Swiss art enterprise which attempts to reposition the role of art in society through creating art works that intervene in and challenge everyday routines, organizations and at times entire social fields . Building on Rancière’s work on the ‘redistribution of the sensible’, I argue that entrepreneurship aiming for social change needs to renegotiate and reconfigure what Rancière coined as the ‘sensible’, that is to say, what can be seen, said and thought and felt, in order to overcome the constraints and create legitimacy and momentum for its endeavors (Huault, Perret, & Spicer, 2014). Furthermore, I argue that ‘redistribution practices’ and their capacity of constituting specific ‘affective bodies’ play a crucial role in the entrepreneurial struggle for emancipation.

Authors Lüthy, Christina
Language English
Subjects business studies
social sciences
cultural studies
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Date 28 June 2019
Event Title 11th international CMS Critical Management Studies Conference
Event Location Open University, Milton Keynes (UK)
Event Dates 26.7.-29.7.2019
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Lüthy, Christina: The redistribution of the sensible along an art enterprise: Practicing embodied politics for entrepreneuring social change. 2019. - 11th international CMS Critical Management Studies Conference. - Open University, Milton Keynes (UK).

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