Working Capital Management Study 2020 – Supply Chain Finance in-n-out

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Abstract “The king is dead, long live the king!” Or as the saying goes: “cash is king!” Working capital management (WCM) is once again the top priority for CFOs – despite the continued low-interest environment and government injections of liquidity amounting to billions of francs. The trigger for this development was (and still is) the coronavirus crisis. Regardless of the size of the company, sector or country – finance and supply chain managers are focusing more than ever on the management of working capital, securing and managing liquidity. Even before the crisis arose, far-sighted CFOs began to secure their liquidity requirements by using systematic WCM and by releasing capital tied up in the supply chain. Inter-company WCM approaches based on cooperation are popular at the moment and can be summed up by the generic term “supply chain finance” (SCF). But how much liquidity can be released with SCF financing solutions? And how has the range of services on the SCF market developed in recent months? The seventh edition of the WCM study is dedicated to these questions and many other interesting issues. This edition aims to highlight further ways of creating financial room for manoeuvre and focus on developments in supply chain finance from the perspective of individual companies (inside-out) as well as from the market (outside-in).
Authors Hofmann, Erik & Wetzel, Philipp
Projects Hofmann, Prof. Dr. Erik; Wetzel, M.A. HSG Philipp; Martin, M.Sc. Judith & Klein, M.Sc. Calvin (2013) Supply Chain Finance-Lab (SCF-Lab) [applied research project] Official URL
Language English
Subjects business studies
HSG Classification contribution to practical use / society
Refereed No
Date 26 August 2020
Place of Publication Zürich
Volume 7. Auflage
Number of Pages 45
Depositing User M.A. HSG Philipp Wetzel
Date Deposited 22 Apr 2020 12:38
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Hofmann, Erik & Wetzel, Philipp : Working Capital Management Study 2020 – Supply Chain Finance in-n-out. 7. Auflage. Zürich : 2020,

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