Public Administration in Germany

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Abstract The German system of Public Administration, which is embedded in the “German Rechtsstaat”-culture and a deeply rooted legalist tradition, is regularly regarded as a reference model to inform reform debates and modernization efforts internationally. Due to its federal structure and the pronouncedly de-centralized institutional setting, the German public administration is regarded as a prime example of multi-level governance and strong local self-government. Furthermore, over the last decades, the traditional profile of the German administrative system has significantly been reshaped and remolded through reforms, modernization activities, and the transformation process in East Germany. Manifold reform approaches, such as territorial amalgamations, privatization and re-municipalization, citizen participation, performance and human resource management, better regulation and digital government, have been pursued at various levels of government and with different impacts. Against this background, we observe an increasing interest in the academic and practitioner’s community to acquire more comprehensive and systematic knowledge about Germany’s administrative system, its institutional structures, functional responsibilities, civil service features, multi-level governance, and most recent reforms. From a Comparative Public Administration perspective, there is a need for more in-depth institutional knowledge concerning various administrative systems in order to capture the peculiarities of different models, to compare their strengths and weaknesses and to learn from each other striving for an improvement of public administration worldwide. This book is meant to address this interest and will provide an overview on key elements of the German public administration at the federal, Länder and local levels of government as well as on current reform activities of the public sector.
Authors Kuhlmann, Sabine; Proeller, Isabella; Schimanke, Dieter & Ziekow, Jan
Language English
Subjects social sciences
HSG Classification contribution to scientific community
Date 2021
Publisher Palgrave
ISSN-Digital 978-3-030-53697-8
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Date Deposited 29 Apr 2020 06:12
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Kuhlmann, Sabine; Proeller, Isabella; Schimanke, Dieter & Ziekow, Jan: Public Administration in Germany. [Monograph]

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