Designing Evolution Paths for Enterprise-wide Information Systems

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Abstract (a) Problem faced: Due to heterogeneous stakeholder requirements, highly diverse tasks, and massive investments needed, enterprise-wide information systems (e-wIS) are often developed through multiple projects over long time periods. In this context, choosing the ‘right’ evolution paths becomes essential. This is not straightforward because e-wIS comprise technical, organizational, and use-related issues so that development stages need to be aligned over heterogeneous dimensions. Although maturity models (MM) are an established instrument to devise development paths, their respective development processes often lack transparency and theoretical as well as empirical grounding. Moreover, extant MM often focus on the control of certain capabilities (doing things right) rather than on providing the necessary capabilities in a sequence appropriate for a given type of organization (doing the right things). (b) Solution developed: We propose an empirically grounded design method for MMs, which devises capability development sequences rather than control levels. We instantiate the proposed method twice—for developing a Business Intelligence (BI) MM as well as a Corporate Performance Management (CPM) MM as two exemplary types of e-wIS. The artifacts are developed over three laps to successively enhance both their projectability in the problem space and their tangibility in the solution space. (c) Lessons Learned: (1) In DSR projects it often proves valuable to be open for diverse research approaches such as classical qualitative or quantitative approaches since they may purposefully ground and guide design decisions. (2) Complex artifact design processes may not be carried out by a single PhD student or published in a single paper. They require adequate decomposition and organizational integration. (3) Finally, complex and emergent artifact design processes require a reliable network of practice organizations rather than a project contract with a single organization.
Authors Winter, Robert & Aier, Stephan
Editors vom Brocke, Jan; Hevner, Alan R. & Mädche, Alexander
Research Team IWI1, ACG
Language English
Subjects information management
HSG Classification contribution to scientific community
HSG Profile Area SoM - Business Innovation
Date September 2020
Publisher Springer Nature
Series Name Progress in IS
Page Range 75-104
Title of Book Design Science Research. Cases
ISBN 978-3-030-46780-7
Publisher DOI
Depositing User Prof. Dr. Robert Winter
Date Deposited 26 Sep 2020 14:50
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Winter, Robert & Aier, Stephan: Designing Evolution Paths for Enterprise-wide Information Systems. In vom Brocke, Jan; Hevner, Alan R. & Mädche, Alexander (ed.): Design Science Research. Cases. Springer Nature, 2020, S. 75-104.

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