Towards a Conceptual Framework for Loadspace Shipment Sharing

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The road freight transport is one of the principal generators of traffic jam costs in German-speaking countries. In these markets the road freight transport on the one hand is under high competition pressure and, at the other hand has a high rate of empty capacities. The focus needs to switch from limited efficiency potentials (mainly utilization-based) of a single fleet operator to higher efficiency potentials within the community of fleet operators. The road freight transport market, however, lacks possibilities to foster the utilization of trucks. Sharing economy concepts and their applications yet only can be found in related areas (e.g. car-sharing). Inspired by the ability and readiness of the general cargo cooperation to share shipments within the cooperation as well as already applied sharing economy concepts in related fields (e.g. car-sharing) the concept of loadspace shipment sharing builds its basis. The concept focusses on the sharing of loadspaces and shipments within a community of fleet operators. A design science research approach is applied to include theory- as well as practice-based information. A short literature review is performed, and empirical data gathered through semi-structured interviews. The paper provides a conceptual framework considering the prototype of the concept as well as insights into the concept elements, their functionalities and key tasks.

Authors Wildhaber, Victor
Projects Stölzle, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang & Wildhaber, M.A. Victor (2020) Laderaum-Sendungs-Sharing [applied research project]
Language English
Keywords road freight transport; groupage transport; general cargo cooperation; fleet operator community; sharing economy; loadspace shipment sharing
Subjects business studies
HSG Classification None
HSG Profile Area SoM - Business Innovation
Date 2020
Depositing User M.A. Victor Wildhaber
Date Deposited 10 Nov 2020 08:59
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Wildhaber, Victor: Towards a Conceptual Framework for Loadspace Shipment Sharing. 2020.

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