Strategy Formation Across Organizational Boundaries: An Interorganizational Process Model

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Abstract Strategic decision‐makers today face complex environments with meta‐problems that cut across multiple industries. Single organizations cannot address these meta‐problems. As a result, organizations collaborate with partners, among them also competitors, and commonly work together in multi‐partner initiatives (MPIs). How these organizations jointly form an interorganizational strategy (IOS), however, is not well understood. In this paper, we extend the current strategy process conceptualizations from an intraorganizational focus of a single firm to an interorganizational process of multiple strategy‐making entities working together. We selected the eMobility sector as our research context to develop such an IOS process model. We first developed 25 cases on MPIs in the German‐speaking area based on interviews and desk research, before we focused on the eMobility ecology in the southern part of Germany. We identified 291 MPIs, conducted interviews with 19 central actors, held several workshops and informal gatherings, and complemented these data with an analysis of publicly accessible documents. Using an inductive research design, we developed a process model that unfolds in three phases: initiation, negotiation and execution. We reveal specific process dynamics in MPIs to be critical in the formation and manifestation of IOS.
Authors Hettich, Erwin & Kreutzer, Markus
Journal or Publication Title British Journal of Management
Language English
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Date 11 February 2021
Publisher Wiley-Blackwell
Place of Publication British Journal of Management
Volume 00
Number 00
Page Range 1-53
Number of Pages 53
ISSN 1045-3172
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Date Deposited 11 Feb 2021 08:30
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Hettich, Erwin & Kreutzer, Markus (2021) Strategy Formation Across Organizational Boundaries: An Interorganizational Process Model. British Journal of Management, 00 (00). 1-53. ISSN 1045-3172

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