VeloCity: Using Voice Assistants for Cyclists to Provide Traffic Reports

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Abstract Cycling is on the rise as a relevant alternative to car-based mobility and even though there are mobile applications specifically designed for cyclists to support this development, many still face unresolved challenges in terms of safe user interaction with complex data while riding. We present the design, development, and evaluation of VeloCity - an application for reporting traffic incidents and structures relevant to cyclists. In a case study, we compared its’ three input methods (touch, in-app speech recognition, the voice assistant of the operating system) to evaluate which attributes make for safe interaction while cycling. We found that participants prefer to use the voice assistant over the other modalities as it was the least distracting due to its hands- and eyes-free interaction design. Furthermore, they chose short commands over conversational phrases. Based on our results, we present five guidelines for designing voice user interfaces for cyclists and argue for moving away from touch-based interfaces in this domain, which still make up most of the applied interaction techniques today.
Authors Savino, Gian-Luca; Braga, Jesse Moraes & Schöning, Johannes
Language English
Subjects computer science
HSG Classification contribution to scientific community
Refereed Yes
Date 2021
Publisher ACM
Title of Book Proceedings of International Conference for Multimedia
Event Title ACM International Conference for Multimedia
Depositing User Prof. Dr. Johannes Schöning
Date Deposited 18 Oct 2021 10:48
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Savino, Gian-Luca; Braga, Jesse Moraes & Schöning, Johannes: VeloCity: Using Voice Assistants for Cyclists to Provide Traffic Reports. 2021. - ACM International Conference for Multimedia.

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