The Board’s Role in Sustainability

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Abstract Sustainability has gone mainstream in the corporate world. Investors increasingly understand that a corporation’s performance on pertinent environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors directly affects long-term profitability—a recognition that is transforming “sustainable investing” into, more simply, “investing.” Most CEOs also now recognize that ESG issues should inform their corporate strategy. But one important constituency remains a stubborn holdout in the sustainability revolution: corporate boards. It is an unfortunate truth that directors tasked with securing their company’s future are often holding the enterprise back with an outdated emphasis on short-term value maximization. This article explores how this can be addressed.
Authors Eccles, Robert G.; Johnstone-Louis, Mary; Mayer, Colin & Stroehle, Judith
Journal or Publication Title Harvard Business Review
Language English
Subjects business studies
social sciences
Refereed Yes
Date 2020
Publisher Harvard Business Review
Volume Sept-Oct 2020
ISSN 0017-8012
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Eccles, Robert G.; Johnstone-Louis, Mary; Mayer, Colin & Stroehle, Judith (2020) The Board’s Role in Sustainability. Harvard Business Review, Sept-Oct 2020 ISSN 0017-8012

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