The Rise of China's Digital Economy: An Overview

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Abstract To stimulate a debate about the rise of China’s digital economy, this essay compares China and the US in one key area of the digital economy – e-commerce and internet-based services. China still lags behind the US in internet penetration, but it distinguishes itself by building a mobile-first, fiber-intensive, and inclusive digital infrastructure. A favorable infrastructure, innovations tailored to the large Chinese market, and local firms’ rapid commercialization of products and services turned the world’s largest domestic population into active online consumers, helping China overtake the US by a large margin in retail e-commerce and digital payment. While China translated digital technologies into leading business-to-customer and customer-to customer businesses, it has not been so successful in business-to-business services. The US is still ahead in the general-purpose technologies underlying the digital economy.
Authors Jiang, Hong & Murmann, J. Peter
Journal or Publication Title Management and Organization Review
Language English
Subjects business studies
Refereed No
Date 4 August 2022
Place of Publication Management and Organization Review
Number 18
Page Range 790-802
Number of Pages 12
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Jiang, Hong & Murmann, J. Peter (2022) The Rise of China's Digital Economy: An Overview. Management and Organization Review, (18). 790-802.

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