The politics of narrating social entrepreneurship

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Responding to recent pleas both to critically analyze and to conceptually advance social entrepreneurship. The purpose of this paper is to examine how the political "unconscious" operates in the narration of social entrepreneurship and how it poses a limit to alternative forms of thinking and talking. Design/methodology/approach - To move the field beyond a predominantly monological way of narrating, various genres of narrating social entrepreneurship are identified, critically discussed and illustrated against the backdrop of development aid. Findings - The paper identifies and distinguishes between a grand narrative that incorporates a messianistic script of harmonious social change, counter-narratives that render visible the intertextual relations that interpellate the grand narration of social entrepreneurship and little narratives that probe novel territories by investigating the paradoxes and ambivalences of the social. Practical implications - The paper suggests a minor understanding and non-heroic practice of social entrepreneurship guided by the idea of "messianism without a messiah." Originality/value - The paper suggests critical reflexivity as a way to analyze and multiply the circulating narrations of social entrepreneurship. .

Authors Dey, Pascal & Steyaert, Chris
Journal or Publication Title Journal of Enterprising Communities: People and Places in the Global Economy
Language English
Keywords Entrepreneurialism, Narratives, Social change, Societal organization
Subjects business studies
Institute/School OPSY - Research Institute for Organizational Psychology
IWE - Institute for Business Ethics
HSG Classification contribution to scientific community
Refereed Yes
Date 7 April 2010
Publisher Emerald Group
Place of Publication Bradford UK
Volume 4
Number 1
Page Range 85-108
Number of Pages 24
ISSN 1750-6204
ISSN-Digital 1750-6212
Publisher DOI 10.1108/17506201011029528
Depositing User Dr. Pascal Dey
Date Deposited 07 Apr 2010 21:28
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Dey, Pascal & Steyaert, Chris (2010) The politics of narrating social entrepreneurship. Journal of Enterprising Communities: People and Places in the Global Economy, 4 (1). 85-108. ISSN 1750-6204

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