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Elgar Fleisch

title Prof. Dr.
name Elgar Fleisch
institute Institute of Technology Management (ITEM)
address ITEM-HSG, Büro 1-204, Dufourstrasse 40a, 9000 St. Gallen, Switzerland
phone +41 71 224 7241
homepage /
publications papers (302)
projects project entries (21)
School SoM - School of Management
university status professor
position Director at the Institute of Technology Management
Professor of Technology Management (ITEM-HSG)
Professor of Information Management (ETH Zurich)
main focuses In his research, Elgar Fleisch and his team aim at understanding and designing the ongoing merge between the physical and digital world, a vision that was recently coined the “Internet of Things”. His work focuses on applications, economic impacts, and infrastructures of mobile and ubiquitous computing. For more information please visit the research section.; All research projects are joint efforts of industry and academia; its results have been published in more than 250 scientific journals and books in both disciplines, management and technology. For more information on publications please visit the publications section.; Elgar Fleisch is a co-founder of several university spin-offs and serves as a member of multiple management boards as well as academic steering committees.; For a detailed CV please contact Mrs. Elisabeth Vetsch-Keller.
fields of research Economic impacts and infrastructures of ubiquitous computing (Internet of Things)
further fields of... Merging the physical and digital world to an Internet of Things
- understanding the merge technically and economically
- building on to develop new technologies and applications for the benefit of business and society
former positions After graduating from the Advanced Technical School for Engineering in Bregenz (Austria) in 1987, Elgar Fleisch, who was born in 1968, studied information systems at the University of Vienna (Austria). He received his doctoral degree from the University of Economics and Business Administration Vienna in 1993 for his work in artificial intelligence in production planning. Between 1994 and 2000 he worked as a postdoc in information management at the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland). From October 1996 to August 1997 he founded and led an IT consulting company in Philadelphia, USA. In 2000 Elgar Fleisch was elected Associate Professor at the University of St. Gallen, becoming a full professor in 2002. In 2004 he was elected Professor for Information Management at ETH Zurich and started a double professorship with the University of St. Gallen with equal time distribution. In 2001 Elgar Fleisch served as a lecturer at the University of Essen (Germany) and in 2009 as a visiting professor at MIT (USA).
additional business Member of the Board of Directors:

Mobiliar Genossenschaft (since 2003) Holding (since 2013)
Hoval Holding / Interhoval AG (since 2012)
Qipp AG - ETH Spin-off (since 2012)
Elgar Fleisch Management Services AG (since 2011)
Dacuda AG - ETH Spin-off (since 2009)
UCTec Beteilungsgesellschaft AG (since 2005)
talks For a record on invited talks please contact
awards 2014: Rigor &Relevance-Award in Business Innovation, University of St.Gallen
2011: Rigor &Relevance-Award in Business Innovation, University of St.Gallen
2010: Science Prize Category Cooperation Projects – EHI Retail Institute
2009: The Stafford Beer Medal ofthe OR Society for the best article published in EJIS
2009: Highly Commended Award:Innovation of product-related services”, Emerald
2006: Goldene Eule - Award for outstanding teaching of students at ETH Zurich  
affiliations Board of Trustees / Executive Committee:

Member of the GS1 Innovation Board (since 2014)
Member of the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences - SATW (since 2014)
Risk Dialogue Foundation (since 2010)
Institute of Management, IfB-HSG (since 2010) 
Institute of Retail Management, IRM-HSG (since 2009) 
Vice-President Montagsforum St. Gallen Association (since 2013)
Spin-Offs 42matters AG,
Amphiro AG,
BEN Energy AG,
comfylight AG, 
Cosibon AG,
Dacuda AG,
Intellion AG,
Synesix AG,
qipp AG,

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