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The Changing Face of Entrepreneurship in Germany

Heiko Bergmann & Rolf Sternberg

abstract This paper explains individual start-up activities on the basis of both person-related characteristics and the regional context. The analysis is based upon micro data from the GEM adult population survey. Both individual and regional variables have an influence on the decision to become self-employed. There are considerable differences between nascent opportunity entrepreneurship and nascent necessity entrepreneurship. Whereas the results for opportunity entrepreneurship are in line with theoretical predictions the factors influencing necessity entrepreneurship are far more difficult to determine. The most significant change between 2001 and 2003/2004 is the reversal of the influence of a change in the regional rate of unemployment on nascent entrepreneurship activities. e5f08b0648249b67a15ee4597717&pi=1
type journal paper
keywords Entrepreneurship, Region, Deutschland, Global Entrepreneurship Monitor
language English
kind of paper journal article
date of appearance 2007
journal Small Business Economics
publisher Springer (Netherland)
ISSN 0921-898X
volume of journal 28
number of issue 2/3
page(s) 205-221
review double-blind review
citation Bergmann, H., & Sternberg, R. (2007). The Changing Face of Entrepreneurship in Germany. Small Business Economics, 28(2/3), 205-221.