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journal paper
Brühwiler, C. F. (2015). Across Cultures, Across Disciplines—or from Newark to St.Gallen: An Introduction. Philip Roth Studies, 11(1), 7-13.
Brühwiler, C. F. (2015). "Prospector and Jeweler": Ayn Rand on the Relationship between Politics and Literature. Journal of American Studies, 49(1), 143-158, DOI:10.1017/S0021875814001820.
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Brühwiler, C. F. (2013). Political Initiation in the Novels of Philip Roth. London/NY: Continuum Publishing. - ISBN 978-1-4411-5321-0.
book chapter
Brühwiler, C. F. (2015). Transcultural Studies in the BRIC States: Introduction. In Sánchez, Y., & Brühwiler, C. F. (Eds.), Transculturalism and Business in the BRIC States: A Handbook (pp. 85). Farnham: Gower/Ashgate. - ISBN 978-1-4724-4401-1.
Brühwiler, C. F., & Sánchez, Y. (2015). BRIC on BRIC: Brazil - Russia. In Sánchez, Y., & Brühwiler, C. F. (Eds.), Transculturalism and Business in the BRIC States : A Handbook (pp. 309-316). Farnham: Ashgate/Gower. - ISBN 978-1-4724-4401-1.
Brühwiler, C. F. (2015). Transculturalism and Management in the BRIC States: Introduction. In Sánchez, Y., & Brühwiler, C. F. (Eds.), Transculturalism and Business in the BRIC States : A Handbook (pp. 1-10). Farnham: Gower/Ashgate. - ISBN 978-1-4724-4401-1.
Brühwiler, C. F. (2012). The Case against Salinger's Trash. In The catcher in the rye and philosophy : a book for bastards, morons, and madmen (pp. 165-174). Chicago: Open Court. - ISBN 978-0-8126-9800-8.
conference paper
Brühwiler, C. F. (2014). Serving His Tour as “Exasperated Liberal and Indignant Citizen”: Philip Roth as a Public Intellectual. In McConnell Center for Political Leadership, pp.30: tb.
Brühwiler, C. F. (2014). Kantian Evil and Aristotelian Misunderstandings: Randian Readings of Great Philosophers. In Political Theory, pp.9: none.
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Brühwiler, C. F. (2012). Destroying the Armor of "Dignity": Philip Roth on Scandals, Political and Personal. In , pp.24.
Brühwiler, C. F. (2012). From Mrs. Logic to Patron Saint of the Tea Party: The Changing Images of Ayn Rand. In , pp.27: ---.
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Brühwiler, C. F. (2008). Political Awakenings As Depicted by Philip Roth. In Politics and Literature sessions.
book review
Brühwiler, C. F. (2015). "International Politics and Film: Space, Vision, Power" by Sean Carter and Klaus Dodds. Political Studies Review, 13(4), 593-594, DOI:10.1111/1478-9302.12101_53.
Brühwiler, C. F. (2014). "Rule and Ruin" by George Kabaservice, and "The Tea Party" by Ronald Formisano. Political Studies Review, 12(3), 66-67, DOI:10.1111/1478-9302.12067_129.
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digital resource
Brühwiler, C. F. (22.4.2014). Batman Shrugged: Ayn Rand’s Influence on Comic Superheroes: Political Studies Association. URL:
Brühwiler, C. F. (2014). Philip Roth Society Meeting in Switzerland: “Philip Roth: Across Cultures, across Disciplines”. Philip Roth Society Newsletter, 2(11), 11.
Brühwiler, C. F. (2013). Wer hat Angst vor Ayn Rand?. Schweizer Monat, 1004, 87-90.
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Brühwiler, C. F. (2009). Urlaubsende. Entwürfe : Zeitschrift für Literatur, 58, 11-14.
Brühwiler, C. F. (2008). O-Töne., -.
Brühwiler, C. F. (2015). Between Philosophy, Literature, and Social Science: Political Theory as the Disciplinary “Other”. Presented at Workshop Literature and Philosophy, University of St.Gallen.
Sánchez, Y., & Brühwiler, C. F. (2015). Forschungsprojekt "Transcultural Workspaces" und Handbuch "Transculturalism and Business in the BRIC States". Presented at Tagung des Hochschulverbands für Interkulturelle Studien (IKS), Kochel am See.
Brühwiler, C. F. (2015). "El voto latino" and Presidential Aspirations: U.S. Politics and the Latino Challenge. Presented at Becoming Americans? Hispanic Culture in the United States, University of St.Gallen.
Brühwiler, C. F. (2014). “Nearly Perfect in Its Immorality”?—Ayn Rand and Business Ethics. Presented at Bi-annual conference of the Swiss Association of North American Studies, University of Basel.
Brühwiler, C. F. (2013). From a Society of Second-Handers to Galt's Gulch: Ayn Rand's Counter-Worlds. Presented at American Utopias - 40th Conference of the Austrian Association of American Studies, Schloss Leopoldskron, Salzburg, Austria.
Brühwiler, C. F. (2013). Verschwiegen, verspottet: Ayn Rands libertäre Einstiegsdroge und ideologische Vergnügungsliteratur. Presented at LebensLust. Vom élan vital in den Künsten und Wissenschaften, L'arc Romainmôtier.
Brühwiler, C. F. (2013). Übersetzung von Ana Merinos "Liebe: sehr zerbrechlich": Drama in vier Akten. Presented at Deutschsprachige Erstaufführung, Keller62, Zürich.
Brühwiler, C. F. (2012). Changing Places: European Academic Job Market. Presented at Career development seminar, Corcoran Department of History, Unviersity of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va..
Brühwiler, C. F. (2011). The Founding Mothers of Libertarianism: Ayn Rand, Isabel Paterson and Rose Wilder Lane. Presented at LL.M. Writers' Workshop Event (invited talk), Harvard Law School.
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