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Journal paper
Wettstein, F., & Baur, D. (2015). ‘‘Why Should We Care about Marriage Equality?’: Political Advocacy as a Part of Corporate Responsibility. Journal of Business Ethics(online), 1-15, DOI:10.1007/s10551-015-2631-3.
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Baur, D. (2012). NGOs as legitimate partners of corporations: a political conceptualization. Dordrecht: Springer, DOI:10.1007/978-94-007-2254-5. - ISBN 978-94-007-2253-8.
capitolo libro
Baur, D. (2014). Moderne Aussenpolitik von Unternehmen - wenn Macht durch Verantwortung abgelöst wird. In Hugi, A. (Eds.), Innen- und Aussenpolitik von Unternehmen. Corporate Governance und Public Affairs in der Praxis - ein Managementbuch (pp. 31-41). Bern: Stämpfli. - ISBN 978-3-7272-1363-2.
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journal editorial board
Baur, D. (Hrsg.) ; Birke, F. (Hrsg.) ; Fehling, J. (Hrsg.) ; Hollstein, B. (Hrsg.) ; Lee-Peuker, M. Y. (Hrsg.) (2008). European Business and Economic Ethics, 9(1).
papier de conférence
Wettstein, F., & Baur, D. (2013). "Why Should We Care About Gay Marriage?": Political Advocacy as a Part of Corporate Responsibility?. In Capitalism in Question, pp.32. New York: Academy of Mangement.
Baur, D. (2013). Relaxing the Focus on the Postnational Constellation: Political CSR in Due Consideration of the State. In 2013 Annual Meeting of the Society for Business Ethics, pp.27. Chicago: Society of Business Ethics.
Baur, D. (2012). Reconsidering the ‘hard facts’ in CSR: From voluntary CSR on a postnational level to post-voluntarist CSR on a national level. In CSR Futures: Knowledge & Practice, pp.17. Nottingham: ICCSR.
book review
Baur, D. (2007). Sozialstandards als Quelle sozialen Wandels in einem kulturell sensiblen Umfeld: Rezension zu Julia Roloff (2006): Sozialer Wandel durch deliberative Prozesse. Die Einführung von Sozialstandards in marokkanischen Textilunternehmen. Zeitschrift für Wirtschafts- und Unternehmensethik (ZfWU), 8(2), 206-209.
bozza lavoro
Baur, D., & Wettstein, F. (2012). Corporate political advocacy: Exploring a new phenomenon.
Baur, D. (2006). A normative framework for NGOs as legitimate stakeholders of civil society. Institute for Business Ethics, University of St. Gallen: Dorothea Baur.
Baur, D. (2006). What types of criteria help judge the legitimacy of NGOs as stakeholder of corporations?. Institute for Business Ethics, University of St. Gallen: Dorothea Baur.
rapporto lavoro
Baur, D., & Palazzo, G. (2015). The Corporate Social Responsibility Story of Chiquita: GuiléAcademicAssessment: in-depth assessment of the CSR of a multinational company: Guilé.
Baur, D. (2006). Was macht NGOs zu legitimen Repräsentanten der Zivilgesellschaft?. Forum Wirtschaftsethik, 2(14), 54-55.
Neesham, C., Baur, D., & Greenwood, M. (2014). Organizational identity in CSOs: Examining Discursive Strategies of Resistance in an Ideological Contest. Presented at 9tth Organization Studies Summer Workshop and Special Issue, Corfu (Greece).
Kilgour, M., & Baur, D. (2013). Gender issues as a responsibility of corporations: Navigating beyond debates on CSR and business and human rights. Presented at ICCSR Symposium, Nottingham.
Baur, D. (2012). A deliberative perspective on private-private partnerships: Epistemic vs. procedural accounts of legitimacy. Presented at TRANSDEMOS Workshop: The Legitimacy and Legitimation of Transnational Governance, Lund.
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