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Josef Kaenzig

Journal paper
Kaenzig, J., Heinzle, S., & Wüstenhagen, R. (2013). Whatever the customer wants, the customer gets?: Exploring the gap between consumer preferences and default electricity products in Germany. Energy Policy, 53(02), 311-322, DOI:10.1016/j.enpol.2012.10.061.
Kaenzig, J., Friot, D., Saadé, M., Margni, M., & Jolliet, O. (2011). Using Life Cycle Approaches to Enhance the Value of Corporate Environmental Disclosures. Business Strategy and the Environment, 20(1), 38-54, DOI:10.1002/bse.667.
Kaenzig, J., & Wüstenhagen, R. (2010). The Effect of Life Cycle Cost Information on Consumer Investment Decisions Regarding Eco-Innovation. Journal of Industrial Ecology, 14(1), 121-136, DOI:10.1111/j.1530-9290.2009.00195.x.
Burkhalter, A., Kaenzig, J., & Wüstenhagen, R. (2009). Kundenpräferenzen für leistungsrelevante Attribute von Stromprodukten. Zeitschrift für Energiewirtschaft, 33(2), 161-172.
Kaenzig, J., & Wüstenhagen, R. (2008). Understanding the Green Energy Consumer. Marketing Review St.Gallen(4), 12-16.
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Loerincik, Y., Kaenzig, J., & Jolliet, O. (2005). Life Cycle Approaches for Sustainable Consumption: 24th LCA Swiss Discussion Forum. International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment (Int. J. LCA), 10(3), 228-229, DOI:10.1065/lca2005.03.003.
Kaenzig, J., Anex, R., & Jolliet, O. (2003). International Workshop on Assessing the Sustainability of Bio-based Products. The international journal of life cycle assessment, 8(5), 313-314, DOI:10.1007/BF02978927.
Kaenzig, J. (2010). Intertemporal Choices regarding Sustainable Energy Consumption - Conceptual and Experimental Insights from the Residential Sector, University of St.Gallen, Thesis: Difo-Druck.
papier de conférence
Kaenzig, J., Friot, D., Saadé, M., Margni, M., & Jolliet, O. (2009). Using Life-cycle approaches to enhance the value of quantitative corporate environmental disclosure. In Proceedings of Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, pp.25.
Kaenzig, J., & Wüstenhagen, R. (2008). The effect of life-cycle cost information on consumer investment decisions for eco-innovation. In Proceedings, pp.75-88.
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Kaenzig, J., & Jolliet, O. (2006). Prioritizing sustainable consumption patterns: Key decisions, key actors and potential improvements of the environmental balance. In Charter, M. and Tukker, A., (eds.): Sustainable Consumption and Production: Opportunities and Chal-lenges (Refereed Sessions III), pp.65-76.
Kaenzig, J., & Wüstenhagen, R. (2006). Understanding strategic choices for sustainable consumption: the case of residential energy supply. In Charter, M. and Tukker, A., (eds.): Sustainable Consumption and Production: Opportunities and Challenges (Refereed Sessions III), pp.349-364.
Wüstenhagen, R., Boehnke, J., & Kaenzig, J. (2006). Micropower in residential buildings - an analysis of customer preferences and business models. In Securing Energy in Insecure Times: International Association for Energy Economics.
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rapporto lavoro
Nentwich, J. C., Offenberger, U., Kaenzig, J., & Heinzle, S. (2010). Moving beyond gender differences in research on sustainable consumption - Evidence from a discrete choice experiment. seco@home.
Kaenzig, J., & Jolliet, O. (2006). Consommation respectueuse de l’environnement: décisions et acteurs clés, modèles de consommation. Connaissance de l’environnement. Berne: Office fédéral de l’environnement (OFEV).
Kaenzig, J., & Jolliet, O. (2006). Umweltbewusster Konsum: Schlüsselentscheide, Akteure und Konsummodelle. Umwelt-Wissen. Bern: Bundesamt für Umwelt (BAFU).
Houillon, G., Kaenzig, J., & Jolliet, O. (2004). Bilan environnemental des filières végétales pour la chimie, les matériaux et l’énergie - Etat des connaissances : Analyse de Cycle de Vie (ACV). France: Agence de l’environnement et de la maîtrise de l’énergie.
Kaenzig, J. (2009). Prioritäten setzten für einen ressourcenschonenden Konsum. Pusch Thema Umwelt, 2, 6-7.
Burkhalter, A., Kaenzig, J., & Wüstenhagen, R. (2007). Kunden wünschen erneuerbare Energien. Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 235, 19.
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