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Perspectives of Swiss and Austrian high profile white-collar criminals

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versione breve Topic relevance in Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Western Europe (average losses per company, intangible damages undocumented, dark figure, injured parties…)

The fraudster is able to supply a (“realistic“) answer about causes and possible preventive measures; without fraudster there is no fraud

Traditional white-collar criminal stereotype and conclusions derived from personality characteristics

Data collection, compilation procedure, analysis and interpretation methods (so-called "triangulation")

Fraud triggering elements and causes of white-collar crime (“Fraud Triangle“ and “Fraud Diamond”) as well as preventive measures
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nome della conferenza Centre for Crime Law and Justice Seminar (Cardiff)
data della conferenza 17-5-2012
editore dei proceedings Cardiff University (United Kingdom)
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citation Schuchter, A. (2012). Perspectives of Swiss and Austrian high profile white-collar criminals. In Cardiff University (United Kingdom).