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Entrepreneurship disparities within Switzerland - Do tax and language differences play a role?

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Kurzfassung Because of its unique political institutions and its good economic track record Switzerland used to be called a special case. This paper investigates start-up propensities in this country based on the individual data of the adult population survey of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor. The focus is on factors that are distinctive for Switzerland: language differences and differences in taxes on corporate profit and personal income. There are substantial entrepre-neurship disparities among the language areas of Switzerland. Still, I do not find evidence for a cultural influence. The different start-up propensities in the three language areas can be ex-plained by structural characteristics of the regional economy. The same applies to differences in income and profit taxes. If other regional factors are taken into account I do not find evi-dence for a direct influence of taxes on the entrepreneurial propensity of the inhabitants of Swiss regions. There is however some evidence for indirect effects. This paper adds to our understanding of the effects of culture and tax differences on entrepreneurship
Typ Artikel (wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift)
Schlagwörter (Tags) Entrepreneurship, regions, taxes, language, culture, Switzerland, Global Entrepreneurship Monitor
Sprache Englisch
Art des Artikels Journal Artikel
Erscheinungsdatum 11-4-2011
Zeitschrift Entrepreneurship & Regional Development
Verlag Taylor & Francis (Oxfordshire)
ISSN 0898-5626
ISSN (online) 1464-5114
DOI 10.1080/08985620903508932
Jahrgang bzw. Volume 23
Nummer bzw. Issue 7-8
Seite(n) 523-548
Review Double-Blind Review
Zitation Bergmann, Heiko: Entrepreneurship disparities within Switzerland - Do tax and language differences play a role?. In: Entrepreneurship & Regional Development 23 (2011), Nr. 7-8, S. 523-548, DOI:10.1080/08985620903508932.