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    Customer Value of direct transatlantic flight connections: A logistic choice model in the case of Switzerland
    (Travel and Tourism Research Association (TTRA), 2006-06-18) ; ; ;
    The future of business models for traditional long haul air operators as well as airports depends among other things on the customer value attributed to direct intercontinental flights by customers. This paper contributes to the discussion of future airline business models by evaluating the customer value of direct transatlantic flights considering as example Switzerland and the hub Zurich. Because of the positioning of its main airport as well as its homecarrier Swiss combined with its economic situation and the large number of international headquarters, Switzerland serves as a core example for a market on the brink. The study draws on data from a survey of 514 travellers out of Switzerland. By applying logistic choice modelling, hidden preferences and by this approximately real customer value could be identified. The direct transatlantic flights contribute to customer value generally by punctuality, total travel time, direct connections, travel convenience, security and travel costs, although customer value is slightly different for business travellers and leisure travellers. Conclusions regarding airline business models' effects on hubs but also about the utility of methods are drawn.
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    Importance of direct flight connections between Switzerland and the Far East: A Logistic Choice Model
    This paper is about the importance of purchasing criteria in intercontinental air transport as exemplified by origin and destination between Switzerland and selected destinations in the Far East. Passengers waiting to board their flights from Switzerland to Far Eastern destinations were invited to participate in a choice experiment. Subsequently, they were offered choice sets where they had to choose among two different flight tickets from Zurich to one specific destination within each set. To statistically analyse the data a variance decomposition method was performed to learn about the importance of the different purchasing criteria. The results show that for both the business and economy class passengers alike and the business and leisure travellers the most important criteria is the price, even before the direct connection, which is the second most important criteria. In comparison with transatlantic travellers, the Far East travellers value the direct flight more and the price is a somewhat less important.