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    Travel Market Switzerland 2012 : Basic Report and Database Specification
    In 2012, for the eighth time since 1972, a survey on the travel behavior of the Swiss population was conducted. The database resulting from this project (Travel Market Switzerland 2012) is still the most extensive on private trips by the Swiss resident population. Private trips are defined/ delimited as all journeys by private persons with at least one overnight stay outside their home and their normal life and work environment. They include all types of leisure motivations, but no business purposes. Results (selection): - Travel propensities: Switzerland experienced a travel-intensive year with a gross travel propensity higher than ever before. - The duration of trips: Short trips are still on the rise as most trips last less than one week. - The choice of destination: Switzerland remains the favored destination but is highly competing with neighbouring countries. - The month of departure: July remains the strongest month with October and December in second and third place. - Travel motivation: Travellers are seeking regeneration from daily routine and job and do this by experiencing landscape and nature and enjoying good food and beverages or simply by resting and relaxing. Time issues (motivation factors such as having time for family or for oneself) have again become more relevant. - Sources of information: Information is transmitted via two major channels: Face-to-face and the Internet. Face-to-face include particularly friends and relatives and also people living at the destination (e. g. locals, hotel employees). However, and most importantly, the major source of information is previous experience. - Booking channels: The Internet is now the most prominent booking channel. Bookings are made either by mail or on specific booking platforms. - Modes of transport: Private cars are still the most important modes of transport. The train again has lost market share in favor of the plane which has gained the highest market share ever. - Type of accommodation: The hotel industry in general, and three and four-star hotels in particular, have lost market share. Five-star hotels gained market share, especially in international destinations.